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Blue Origin & Sierra Space: The Future of Space Exploration


Apr 3, 2024

The International Space Station (ISS) is getting older, but the Biden administration has committed to keeping it operational until at least 2030. NASA is working towards transitioning to privately owned space stations by then. The plan is for the decommissioned ISS to disintegrate as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere and falls into the ocean.

However, the ISS has been experiencing a number of problems, such as cracks in a Russian module, air leaks, toilet failures, and issues with the oxygen supply system. NASA has been working on developing new technology for the future, including a system to recycle urine from astronauts and tourists on the upcoming Orbital Reef space station.

By outsourcing the development of new space stations to commercial companies, NASA hopes to reduce costs and focus on other priorities, such as establishing a permanent human presence on the moon through the Artemis missions. This shift in focus will allow NASA to allocate more resources towards lunar exploration and colonization.

The transition from the ISS to private space stations will not only save money for NASA but also open up opportunities for commercial space exploration. With the ISS being retired in the next decade, the space agency is setting its sights on new frontiers in space exploration and colonization.

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