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Boiling water no longer recommended in Haifa, Health Ministry announces


Nov 21, 2023

The Ministry of Health reports that a re-test of the quality of tap water in Haifa has given satisfactory results. This removes the warning issued on November 20 to boil tap water before using it for drinking, cooking, preparing medicine or brushing teeth.

In other news, a recent article discusses the latest advances in dental implants and their cost. The article also discusses the diverse range of dental implants available and the costs associated with each.

Another article covers the procedure for fitting removable dentures and their prices in Egypt. The same article discusses the reasons for seeking this dental procedure.

A piece on children’s dental braces prices and the benefits of braces is also available. In addition to the cost information, the piece also highlights the advantages of the treatment. Other dental procedures covered include temporary dental crowns, unforeseen costs, and aftercare tips.

The same source offers information on general dental upkeep and dental care tips. Additionally, the same source offers an in-depth guide to teeth cleaning, its possible side effects, and solutions to prevent tooth decay.

Lastly, the same source provides a comprehensive guide to teeth filling, its main advantages and disadvantages, and the prices for the procedure.

In summary, the source is a valuable resource for those seeking information on a wide range of dental procedures and their costs.

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