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Borrell on Israel’s counterterrorism efforts: “No horror can justify another”


Nov 20, 2023

Josep Borrell, the Vice-President of the European Commission and head of EU foreign policy, recently met with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdel-Rahman Al-Thani. Borrell emphasized the need to end the spiral of violence in the region, stating that one horror cannot justify another.

During the past four days, Borrell has had meetings with colleagues from Israel and Palestine, visited various locations in the region, and emphasized the constructive role that Qatar is playing as a regional power. He also called for the unconditional release of hostages taken by Hamas during a recent terrorist attack on Israel.

Borrell acknowledged the severity of the situation in Gaza, condemning the heavy bombing and emphasizing the need for humanitarian action. He stressed the importance of a humanitarian pause and called on Israel to show restraint in its response to civilians.

The European Union has proposed an immediate humanitarian pause, which was presented by Malta and voted for by EU members in the UN Security Council. Borrell emphasized the binding nature of UN Security Council decisions and called for their implementation.

In his statements, Borrell highlighted the need for respect for international humanitarian rights and the avoidance of further civilian casualties. He emphasized that there is no hierarchy of horrors and that inflicting pain on others does not justify or compensate for the pain suffered. He stressed the urgent need for peace and a sustainable solution in the region.

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