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Boston Welcomes the Return of Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – NBC Boston


Jun 1, 2023

The excitement of a high dive into Boston Harbor requires a lot of courage. Despite being afraid of deep water and heights, diver Ellie Smart will be competing in this weekend’s Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competition in the Seaport area along with 23 other divers. Smart explains that the feeling of accomplishment after doing something you never thought you could is the best feeling in the world.

The diving board was installed Wednesday afternoon on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art and provides a unique view of the city of Boston. Divers like Jonathan Paredes expressed that diving from such a height feels like flying over the city. The dives they perform include twists, flips, and more. Male divers jump from a height of approximately 90 feet while females jump from around 68 feet, making it a terrifying experience for all.

Smart, who hails from Boston, admits that the experience is scary yet rewarding. Paredes also reflects on the pressure and fear that comes with this type of competition, but they both agree that the support of friends, family, and fans has been invaluable.

Orlando Duque, director of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series acknowledges the importance of Boston as the only US location for this global competition. He remarked that the city understands sports and has a lot of fans and tradition, giving Boston a special place in the competition. The team hopes to incorporate some of that into the experience.

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