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Brandon Beane believes that the Bills were unfairly excluded from receiving a third-round compensatory pick


Mar 26, 2024

The NFL’s system for awarding compensatory picks can be very intricate, leading to occasional mistakes even on the league’s part. This was the case for the Buffalo Bills, who were left confused and disgruntled when they did not receive a third-round compensatory pick for losing Tremaine Edmunds in free agency. Instead, they were only given a fourth-round pick, much to the frustration of Bills General Manager Brandon Beane.

Beane expressed his discontent with the compensatory pick process, feeling that both Buffalo and San Francisco were unfairly treated. San Francisco also received a fourth-round pick instead of a third for losing Jimmy Garoppolo. Beane mentioned that several discussions were held with the league, trying to understand how the picks were calculated, as both teams believed they deserved a third-round pick. However, the league stood by its decision.

Beane highlighted how NFL contracts are becoming more complex with the inclusion of void years, making the compensatory pick calculations even more challenging. He emphasized how these calculations fail to keep up with the evolving nature of player contracts in the league.

The Bills made efforts to argue their case to the NFL, but to no avail. Beane expressed disappointment at the league’s decision, as they had relied on receiving a third-round compensatory pick for their planning. Despite their best efforts, the NFL remained firm in denying the Bills the pick they believed they deserved.

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