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Brandon Marshall Reveals Worst Quarterback He Played with in 13-Year NFL Career, Attributes to Lack of Skills


Feb 12, 2024

Brandon Marshall’s NFL career spanned 13 seasons with six different teams from 2006-2018. He was with even more quarterbacks than teams, having played with 17 different quarterbacks over the course of his career. Surprisingly, Marshall named Jay Cutler, a quarterback he played with in six different seasons, as the worst passer he ever played with, citing that Cutler didn’t reach his potential.

Marshall’s best season came in 2012, the first year he reunited with Cutler in Chicago. He had career highs in catches, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. Cutler played eight seasons with the Bears from 2009-2016, and holds various passing records for the franchise. However, the Bears never reached the Super Bowl during that time.

On the other hand, Marshall named Ryan Fitzpatrick as the best quarterback he played with. In 2015 while playing for the New York Jets, he co-led the NFL in receiving touchdowns, with 14 of those touchdowns coming from Fitzpatrick.

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