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BRF decides to keep pet food business rather than selling it


Nov 21, 2023

BRF S.A. has decided to halt the sale of its pet food business, after previously considering selling it earlier this year. The company had teamed up with Banco Santander in February to explore potential sale opportunities for its pet food operations, but has now chosen to keep the business.

The decision was made due to the company being the third-ranked player in the pet food market in Brazil and the leader in super premium natural pet feed. BRF S.A. plans to focus on driving growth in this segment by increasing distribution through specialized channels, strengthening brand strategy by segment and channel, consolidating integration synergies, and advancing the export expansion strategy.

This shift in strategy reflects the company’s confidence in its position and potential for growth in the pet food market. BRF S.A. is now looking to build on its current strengths and expand its presence both domestically and internationally, rather than selling the business.

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