Brian Johnson of the Eagles is seamlessly adapting to the position of offensive coordinator.

During the Eagles’ rookie camp, Brian Johnson watched receivers practice before walking across the field to observe the offensive linemen at work. This move further distanced him from being a quarterback, both literally and symbolically. Johnson, the Eagles’ new offensive coordinator, has one of the biggest challenges in taking over not just one position, but an entire side of football. He has made an intentional effort to connect and have meaningful conversations with all players.

Johnson was the clear choice for the offensive coordinator job when Shane Steichen was poached as the Colts’ head coach. Other teams were also interested in Johnson as an offensive coordinator. Eagles’ starting quarterback, Jaylen Hurts, has had major success under Johnson’s coaching, going from a man trying to prove himself in the NFL to an MVP candidate in just a few years.

Johnson will now turn the quarterback room over to his understudy, Alex Tunney. Johnson was a star quarterback at the University of Utah and eventually became the QB coach and offensive coordinator. He rose rapidly in the NFL through Mississippi, Houston, and Florida.

Sirianni, the Eagles’ head coach, named Johnson as a final candidate for promotion early on. He watched Johnson closely last season to see how he engaged and presented to the team as a whole. Johnson has been interviewing for the job basically ever since he arrived in Philadelphia, making his promotion a smooth transition.

Under an offensive head coach, Johnson isn’t really in charge of the entire offense yet. The good thing about his OC job for the Eagles is that it comes with the added responsibility of calling plays. Johnson thinks he can handle the task, and the Eagles have confidence in him.

The most important thing Johnson needs to do right now is continue to adjust to his role as offensive coordinator and build relationships. He believes he has developed a really good relationship and connection with the players, which has made a seamless transition.

Many in the NFL see Johnson as a future head coach, and he could be called up soon if the Eagles’ offense continues to perform well.

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