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Bridge Collapse in Baltimore, USA: Multi-Casualty Incident After Ship Collision


Mar 26, 2024

The Francis Scott Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after being hit by a ship carrying the Singapore flag. The collapse occurred at 1:28 a.m. local time, and the number of people on the bridge at the time is still unclear, with several individuals reported missing. Rescue teams are currently searching for at least twenty people in the Patapsco River where the bridge is located.

The bridge, which spans 2.5 km and has a 4-lane road, connects two parts of the Patapsco River estuary. This estuary forms a natural bay where the city of Baltimore is situated. The Port of Baltimore, the 9th largest port in the US, is a vital economic hub that supports over 15 thousand jobs directly and 139 thousand indirectly across Maryland. The collapse of the bridge raises concerns about potential disruptions to port operations.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott is en route to the scene of the bridge collapse to assess the situation. The local fire and rescue department has classified the incident as a “multi-casualty incident in the making,” as rescue efforts continue in the frigid waters of the Patapsco River. The harsh conditions, with subzero temperatures and limited visibility, pose challenges to the rescue teams on site. The tragic event has brought attention to the safety of infrastructure in the area.

While the details of the incident are still unfolding, it is clear that the impact of the bridge collapse will have far-reaching consequences for the city of Baltimore and its port. Authorities are working diligently to account for all individuals affected by the collapse and to prevent further loss of life. The community is coming together to support those impacted by this devastating event.

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