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Broadway Construction Raises Concerns for Small Business Owners’ Operations


Sep 8, 2023

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but ongoing construction can have a significant impact on their operations. Two sections of Broadway near downtown San Antonio will be closed off for the remainder of 2023. Alexandra Garro, the owner of Maxiss Modern, a sustainable business that sells high-quality pre-owned items and supports local artisans and vintage dealers, is among the affected business owners. Garro’s store is currently hidden behind fencing and broken asphalt due to the construction. She explains that the construction has created a roadblock for small businesses during the holiday season, which is typically the most profitable time of the year. Garro is now seeking funding and credit to help sustain her business during this challenging period.

Next door to Maxiss Modern is Mozna Chocolate and Coffee Company, co-owned by Salvador Saenz. Saenz shares Garro’s frustration with the construction work and its impact on their businesses. While they understand that the construction is temporary, both business owners worry about the long-term effects of the loss they are experiencing. They feel that the city should do more to support small businesses during this time when they are unable to operate as usual and employ people.

District 1 Council Woman Sukh Kaur acknowledges the concerns of the affected businesses and states that her office has been working with them to minimize disruptions. Garro suggests that small businesses, like hers, need monetary funding to help navigate these challenging situations. She and Saenz are also looking forward to the completion of a nearby entertainment complex, the Make Ready, which they hope will attract more customers.

Starting on September 5th, 2023, Broadway from 4th Street to McCullough Avenue and 6th Street to Brooklyn will be closed, with the closures lasting until December 2023.

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