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Burrow and Bengals Successfully Conquer Unfinished Business


Sep 9, 2023

In a news conference on Saturday, Burrow expressed his gratitude for being rewarded for his hard work and dedication on the field, as well as his efforts to handle himself well and be the best he can be for the organization. He acknowledged that there is still more to do, indicating his continued commitment to improvement.

Burrow recalled the moment he felt a strong connection to the Bengals, which occurred when he met with head coach Zac Taylor at the combine two months before the 2020 draft. He described how Taylor’s clear vision for the team, along with the presence of others such as Mike Brown, Katie, and Troy Blackburn, convinced him to fully invest in the organization. Burrow expressed his determination to be the best version of himself for the Bengals.

Wearing his Athens High School playoff sweatshirt, Burrow explained that this garment symbolized the beginning of his football journey. It was a reminder of where it all started for him.

As Mike Brown proudly wore his Bengals tie in preparation for a trip to Cleveland, Burrow expressed his gratitude for the fit between him and the team. He believed that the Bengals were the perfect match for him.

Burrow reflected on his decision to return to Ohio after winning the Heisman Trophy at LSU, sharing that he had unfinished business at his former school, Ohio State. He felt it was important for him to redeem himself after not getting a chance to play there.

Similar to the unfinished business that brought Paul Brown to Cincinnati from Cleveland, Burrow also had a personal drive to accomplish his goals. Despite the challenges he has faced, he expressed no regrets and acknowledged that life has unpredictable outcomes.

The loss that Athens suffered in the 2014 state title game continues to have a lasting impact on Burrow, emphasizing the importance of redemption and triumph in his personal journey.

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