“Business is the Name of the Game in ‘Selling Sunset’ Style”

The reality show Selling Sunset, which follows the drama of Los Angeles residential real estate firm Oppenheim Group, is known for its high-stakes deals and intrigues. One of the biggest characters on the show is the elaborate wardrobe worn by the realtors. Some of the outfits on the show appear to defy logic, like leather gloves worn in hot weather. The cast members wear flamboyant and colorful outfits made by designers like Versace, Laquan Smith, and Dion Lee.

The production team encouraged eccentric attire, and the cast members have stylists who charge from $800 to $2,000 per outfit, plus costume rentals that retail for 20 percent. Although the show typically spends more than two hours doing hair and makeup, they do not provide any financial support for the show’s wardrobe.

The cast members wear their outfits even when they’re not filming, and rarely dress down. They say that they have to be prepared for any situation and that it can be exhausting to plan outfits for every occasion. However, they enjoy expressing their personalities through their clothes and appreciate the opportunity to work with independent designers.

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