Business News: Relocation of Chattanooga Airport Checkpoint and More

Chattanooga Airport Checkpoint Relocation

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will temporarily move security checkpoints to one lane from Tuesday through Friday, as part of a $28 million expansion and improvement of Chattanooga Airport. In order to expedite baggage screening and reduce the chances of missing a flight, passengers are encouraged to arrive at least two and a half hours before departure. Travelers can check flight information online at

Preserve Chattanooga

Preserve Chattanooga has completed a feasibility study to establish a revolving fund focused on historic preservation in the city. With a mission to protect Chattanooga’s architectural heritage, the organization discovered the viability of a revolving fund. According to Preserve Chattanooga, the revolving fund is an active program based on real estate. Techniques such as options, purchases and resales, easements, and/or tax credits are used to protect assets at risk. The historic building will eventually be returned to the private sector with restrictions on conduct.

Blue Cross Managing Director

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee has appointed Michelle Salmon Davis as Managing Director and Chief Learning Officer. In the new role, Salmon Davis will lead the company’s talent acquisition and organizational development teams. She will be responsible for recruitment and career development initiatives, including designing and implementing initiatives that support the career growth of Blue Cross employees.

Fed Board Vice Chair

Georgetown University economist Adriana Coogler has been named to the Fed Board by President Biden. If confirmed by the Senate, Coogler will become the first Hispanic American to serve on the Fed’s Interest Rate Setting Committee. This nomination comes as the Fed grapples with an increasingly difficult economy, with rising interest rates, persistently high inflation, and a volatile banking system.

Grants for Technology Hubs

The Department of Commerce has begun an application process for cities to receive a total of $500 million in grants for becoming technology hubs. This is part of an effort to expand technology investments across the United States, which are primarily concentrated around Austin, Texas; Boston; New York; and San Francisco. The $500 million comes from last year’s CHIPS and Science Act granting $10 billion to spur investment in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and biotechnology.

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