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Business Owner Concerned About Potential Property Loss from Erosion Along Fountain Creek


Feb 13, 2024

Due to ongoing erosion from strong flows in Fountain Creek, officials are searching for ways to reduce the impacts of erosion. One local business owner, Brett Taylor, fears that he might lose his business in the next heavy rainstorm. Taylor’s painting and stain business is located along Southmoor Drive, a section of which was closed nearly four years ago due to erosion threatening to undermine the road.

The road is situated along a bluff above the creek and under a sharp bend in the creek, causing the erosion rate to increase when hit by heavy flows. As a result, Taylor has lost part of his parking lot, and his building is now only a few feet from collapsing over the bluff and into the creek. A similar problem forced the closing of the Riverside Mobile Home Park downstream in 2017.

Fountain is responsible for repairing and reopening the closed road section, but can’t do so until the Fountain Creek Watershed District determines a solution, which could cost millions of dollars and might not work in the long term. Additionally, creek erosion is also affecting supports for a bridge at the south end of Fountain, prompting city officials to start discussions with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) about eventually replacing that bridge.

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