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Business owners at the Crossroads express their opinions on Tuesday’s downtown stadium vote


Apr 4, 2024

Business owners in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri, breathed a sigh of relief on Wednesday after a proposal for a downtown ballpark for the Royals failed at the polls. Chet Duvenci, a local business owner, expressed his happiness about the outcome, stating that the neighborhood was now even closer knit as a result of their collective efforts to keep the new stadium out of their area. Duvenci emphasized that the proposed stadium was not a good deal for taxpayers or citizens, as he believed that public money should not be handed over to billionaires.

There was a sense of relief and gratitude among many business owners, like Mat Adkins, who felt that the odds were against them in this fight. Adkins highlighted the significance of the community and neighborhood to many people, spanning decades of history, and noted that it was not as simple as just moving elsewhere. Despite the election results, Jill Cockson was determined to continue working towards ensuring that added protections were in place to prevent a stadium from being built in their neighborhood in the future.

While acknowledging that the battle was not yet over, Cockson and others in the Crossroads Arts District were focused on celebrating what they saw as a victory for the arts and culture of Kansas City. They expressed gratitude towards the Jackson County voters for their support and expressed confidence that their efforts to protect their neighborhood had paid off. In the face of challenges, the community banded together and stood firm in their belief that their neighborhood deserved to be protected from corporate interests.

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