Business owners of Del Paso Boulevard convene security meeting in response to incidents of break-ins and shootings.

Business owners along Del Paso Boulevard in Sacramento are working tirelessly to protect their neighborhoods and businesses from trespassing and robberies. Despite these efforts, there has been a surge in crime related to break-ins and robberies of small businesses. The Del Paso Boulevard Partnership held a security conference where residents were informed about the status of investigations and business owners were able to voice their concerns and ideas about the recent wave of crime. Proprietors have resorted to meeting after dark and walking the streets and alleys to guard their storefronts.

The Del Paso Boulevard Partnership has shared information about affordable solar power for businesses and efforts to install more cameras along the corridor. Other ideas for future security include increasing the number of police officers on bicycle and foot patrols. However, due to 100 vacant positions for sworn officers, this is unlikely. The director of the Partnership, Howie Ditkoff, is concerned about the activity outside of Sunland Liquor on the corner of Fairfield and Del Paso Boulevards, where a four-person shooting occurred over the weekend leaving two adults behind. A spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department has responded to requests to crack down in the past and reported that they are aware of Sunland Liquor.

According to the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Department, Sunland Liquor has had two offenses in the past for committing minor decoys. There are business conditions that restrict the sale of alcohol between 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. but some licensed businesses may be entitled to additional hours outside of those hours. Sunland Liquor is not regulated by such operating conditions.

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