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Business Students Exchange Goods for Local Charities


Apr 3, 2024

Professor of Management Loren Dyck is pioneering a course for MBA students at the University of La Verne that teaches them that business deals are not just about exchanging money. The course, BUS 551: Seminar in Organization Theory and Behavior, involves breaking students into groups of four to five with the objective of bartering a small $1 item in the La Verne community for something of much greater value.

This project allows students four weeks to apply organizational theory and behavior concepts learned in class in a real-world setting. The skills that students acquire through this project include negotiation, analyzing decision-making processes, understanding emotional intelligence in the workplace, and improving communication methods within a group dynamic. Professor Dyck stated that the assignment was developed to give students a unique experiential exercise to apply course concepts and theories beyond traditional case studies.

After a few years of implementing the project, students came up with the idea to donate the items they bartered to local charities. Professor Dyck approved of this idea and subsequently redesigned the assignment to include a requirement for each student team to find a local charitable organization to donate their final item. He was impressed by the students’ commitment to the university’s values of community and civic engagement, as well as their ability to learn and apply course concepts and theories.

In its tenth year, Dyck reports that students in his course have bartered and collected 29 items worth over $8,000 for local charities. This year, students collectively bartered items totaling nearly $300 in value, which were donated to various local organizations. It is evident that this class is just one example of how the University of La Verne faculty are fostering a community of changemakers on campus. Visit the University of La Verne news page to stay up to date on all the exciting developments at the university.

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