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Businesses in Las Vegas awarded nearly $1 million for security upgrades; Applications for assistance still open


Mar 27, 2024

The City of Las Vegas is offering businesses the opportunity to improve their security through the Business Security Grant Program, which has already distributed nearly $1 million in funds. This program provides up to $10,000 to qualified businesses to enhance their security measures, such as installing lighting, security cameras, locks, and more. This financial support has been crucial for businesses like Tacotarian and Dig It Coffee, who have utilized the grant to upgrade their security systems.

For example, Tacotarian used the grant to improve their camera system, which played a vital role in identifying suspects during a recent break-in. While cameras are valuable tools, co-owner Carlos Corral emphasizes that a comprehensive security strategy goes beyond just surveillance. Other businesses, like Chops Barbershop and 18bin, have also taken advantage of the funding to bolster their security measures with new locks, lighting, cameras, and more.

There is still approximately $250,000 available in funding for businesses within Las Vegas city limits that meet the program’s criteria. Qualified businesses must be located in a qualified census tract, be zoned for commercial, industrial, or mixed-use, have 500 employees or less, and have been operating since December 2019. Once selected, businesses will receive funds through a formal agreement process, usually completed within 30 days of approval.

The Business Security Grant Program has been a lifeline for many local businesses looking to enhance their security and protect their assets. By investing in these security upgrades, businesses can deter criminal activities and create safer environments for their employees and customers.

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