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Butković: Modernization of Railway Infrastructure to Define the Next Decade


Nov 20, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure Oleg Butković announced that three and a half billion euros are currently being invested in transport infrastructure. He stated this at the opening of the Via Vita congress of the Croatian Society for Roads and Railways, emphasizing that this investment cycle is primarily financed by European funds. Butković highlighted that these large investments are major contributors to economic activities, particularly in the construction sector and related areas.

He also noted that the majority of the 3.5 billion euros is allocated to the construction of roads and railways, which continue to be significant challenges. Butković stated that the next decade will focus on investments in railways, with a projected six billion euros to be invested in modernizing railway infrastructure by 2030.

In terms of roads, Butković highlighted priorities such as completing the corridor to Hungary, the highway to Sisak, and the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian corridor. He also mentioned specific projects such as the Križišće-Žuta Lokva and Metković-Dubrovnik highways, as well as expressways in the continental part of Croatia. Additionally, he discussed the plan to finish the Istrian epsilon in Istria and connect the section from Kanfanar to Labin with the highway.

Butković addressed the challenge of building highways and railways simultaneously in Istria due to Croatia’s financial limitations. He emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring the swift implementation of large infrastructure transport projects.

Josip Škorić, the President of the Board of Croatian Roads, anticipated the start of large strategic projects in the next four years, signaling a significant wave of investments.

The Via Vita congress, organized by the Croatian Association for Roads and Railways, brought together around 400 participants for discussions, round tables, and lectures on topics related to road connectivity under the motto “Year of great changes”.

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