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Calmeta is facing court again for involvement in two separate scandals.


Nov 20, 2023

Former HDZ minister Božidar Kalmeta will be retried on Thursday, November 23 at the Zagreb County Court for a portion of the previous Fimi media affair and the HAC – Remorker affair. The retrial follows the Supreme Court’s annulment of his illegal acquittal for allegedly sharing more than HRK 15 million and EUR 850,000 from road construction and maintenance companies. Kalmeta’s defense is optimistic, believing that there is no evidence to support the accusations from Uskoko.

Also under investigation are HAC’s former head Stjepko Boban and former member of the Viadukt board Damir Kezele. The three men were previously sentenced extrajudicially, but now their cases will be retried again.

The claims in Uskok’s indictment were in jeopardy during the initial trials, as the court acquitted Kalmeta, Jurica Prskal , Mario Lovrinčević, and Sandro Vukelić. The Supreme Court upheld the acquittal for the former heads of HAC, Jurica Prskal and Marija Lovrinčević. The claims that Kalmeta damaged the Ministry of Transport by ordering the promotional film “Transport Renaissance of Croatia” will also be reconsidered.

In connection with the accusations of extracting money from the construction of the so-called Kalmetina and the ports of Gaženica, Kalmeti will be joined by Stjepko Boban, Milivoj Mikulić, and Sandro Vukelić in court.

Previously, Kalmeta vehemently denied all accusations and argued that he was a victim of political persecution. Despite this, the indictment included three “repentants” who admitted their wrongdoings before the trial and settled with the prosecutor’s office.

Amid ongoing investigations, the defense has raised concerns over the integrity of the trial, arguing that previously convicted individuals cannot serve as credible witnesses. As the case moves forward, it remains to be seen how the retrial will unfold.

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