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Cameron asserts he has directly confronted Israel about the Gaza attacks


Feb 13, 2024

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, has personally challenged Israeli authorities for their attacks on the Gaza Strip. He has ruled out any type of “reward” for Hamas as part of a two-state solution. Cameron expressed his concerns in response to the tragic case of five-year-old girl Hind Rajab, who died under gunfire by Israeli forces. He condemned the violence and suffering in Gaza and called for a permanent ceasefire with adequate conditions.

Cameron has conditioned a permanent ceasefire on the complete departure of all Hamas representatives and leaders from the Gaza Strip. He emphasized the need to dismantle terrorist operations and establish a new Palestinian Authority government. Cameron stressed the importance of a two-state solution and the quick release of all hostages. He urged for a better political horizon for the Palestinian people.

In addition to his concerns about Gaza, Cameron expressed the need to end the suffering and the ongoing slaughter. He wants to turn the pause in violence into a lasting ceasefire. He made these comments in a speech to the House of Lords. Cameron’s personal challenge to the Israeli authorities is in response to attacks on areas where British doctors and charities are working.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cameron’s statements reflect the United Kingdom’s position on the situation in Gaza. He is committed to finding a solution to the conflict and ending the suffering of the people in the region.

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