Can Greece’s New Economy Mark A Fresh Start For Its Old Democracy?

The article discusses the recent Greek elections and the political dynasties that have dominated Greek politics in the past. The author recalls spending time in Greece during the late 1990s and witnessing the controversy surrounding Andreas Papandreou’s third wife, which was just one example of the excesses and corruption that plagued Greece at that time. The author notes that Greece has since undergone significant changes, with smaller parties displacing the larger political machines that previously held sway. The recent victory of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the son of Andreas Papandreou’s political opponent, is seen as a decisive departure from past economic methods. The article also highlights the challenges that Greece faces in terms of education and relations with neighboring Turkey, now that Turkey’s economy is in crisis. The author concludes by discussing their upcoming book, which explores the future of a fragmented world.

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