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Can the Steelers expect a difference by firing Matt Canada?


Nov 21, 2023

Matt Canada has recently been moved completely out of the stadium after being moved from the booth to the sideline just a few weeks ago. With the team at 6-4, it is quite surprising to make such a drastic change so close to Thanksgiving, especially when the team is winning, relevant, and competitive. However, the one problem is that the offense is performing poorly. They have been outgained every week and have shown no consistent identity or flow.

In a recent game, only 10 total points were scored and there were reported issues with players and coaches, showcasing how the situation has reached a boiling point. The question now is what comes next. There is speculation about how the offense will operate moving forward and who will run the show and call the plays. However, the team making a change in the midst of a winning season does present some hope for the potential of a different outcome.

Although it is possible to turn things around after making significant changes to the coaching staff, the success of a new offensive strategy is not guaranteed, especially when dealing with an unproven quarterback like Kenny Pickett. The Steelers might have made a mistake by drafting him in the first round and it may be time to consider other options for the long-term success of the team.

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