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Can tofu lower libido?


Apr 3, 2024

Many reports suggest that tofu contains compounds similar to estrogen, which may decrease sexual desire. One individual, a 38-year-old man from Hanoi named Manh, raised concerns about this issue. Tofu does indeed contain a type of phytoestrogen called isoflavone, which is a compound similar to estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone that has opposing effects to testosterone, the male sex hormone. This has led many to worry that consuming tofu could impact male hormones.

However, consuming isoflavones from tofu does not significantly increase estrogen levels in men. Therefore, there is no need to be overly concerned about tofu causing a decrease in sexual desire. Various factors can affect sexual desire, including hormonal changes, lifestyle, age, medications, and psychological factors.

Tofu is a nutritious food that is rich in protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B. These nutrients are beneficial for overall health and provide energy. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle health and sexual hormones, while calcium and magnesium are important minerals for bone and muscle health. Iron helps with oxygen transport in the body, maintaining health and energy levels. B vitamins, such as vitamins B6 and B12, play a role in sexual function and boosting energy.

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