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Capitol Hill Physician Confirms Mitch McConnell Did Not Suffer a Stroke or Seizure During Frozen Moment on Camera


Sep 6, 2023

The attending physician of the US Capitol, Brian Monahan, has stated in a new letter that Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell did not suffer a stroke, seizure, or Parkinson’s disease. This comes after McConnell froze in front of cameras for the second time in as many months, causing concerns about his ability to continue serving in his powerful position. McConnell was evaluated by four neurologists following his recent freezing episode in Covington, Kentucky. Monahan conducted several evaluations, including brain MRI imaging and electrical imaging tests, concluding that there is no evidence of a seizure disorder, stroke, or movement disorder like Parkinson’s disease.

During his floor remarks, McConnell briefly mentioned his recent freezing episode and assured that August had been a busy and productive month for him and his staff. Members of the Senate GOP leadership team dismissed concerns over McConnell’s health, and he is expected to address the issue in a closed-door conference meeting with Republican senators. There is still uncertainty surrounding the reason for McConnell’s freezing episodes.

McConnell’s office had attributed his previous episodes to lightheadedness, and it was noted that victims of concussions can experience such symptoms. McConnell had suffered a concussion and broken ribs earlier in the year after falling at a Washington hotel. With the Senate returning to session and GOP senators facing questions about McConnell’s ability to lead, there are growing doubts about his continuation in the next Congress. However, McConnell has received support from senators like Susan Collins and Mitt Romney, who believe he is fully prepared for his duties. Others, like Rand Paul and Tommy Tuberville, are not satisfied with McConnell’s explanation and have expressed concerns about his health and ability to perform his job.

As the story develops, further updates will be made to this content.

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