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Caputo Cheese’s Mozzarella Wins Gold Medal at World Cheese Competition


Mar 26, 2024

The 2024 World Championship Cheese Contest held in Madison, Wisconsin saw the judges evaluating over 3,300 cheeses annually. One of the top winners was a fresh mozzarella cheese from Caputo Cheese in Melrose Park. The Caputo nodini, which means “small knots” in Italian, won first place, beating out competitors from the United States, Canada, and Japan. Natale Caputo, the president of Caputo Cheese, attributed their success to sticking to traditional methods learned from the greats of the industry.

Caputo Cheese, established in 1978 on Chicago’s Northwest Side, produces their finest fresh mozzarella, the nodini, which goes through an extra stretch process and is then tied into a knot by hand. The company also makes Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano cheeses, producing around 120,000 pounds of cheese per week. Their products are sold domestically and internationally, with customers including food distributors, manufacturers, restaurant chains, and individual consumers.

Fresh mozzarella is traditionally made from black water buffalo milk, but can also be made from cow’s milk, known as “fior di latte,” like the Caputo variety. The competition featured winners in over 100 cheese categories, with the overall world champion being a Hornbacher from Switzerland. Participants from 25 countries and 32 states competed in the event, where judges assessed factors like flavor, texture, salt content, color, packaging, and other qualities of the cheeses.

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