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Carnathan | Reflecting on Penn Sports: Analyzing Slow Starts and the Drive to Save Seasons


Sep 7, 2023

The start of the season has not gone well for Penn sports teams. Men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, and volleyball have a combined record of 2-9, with field hockey and men’s soccer starting 0-2. Despite the emphasis on starting strong, these teams have not been able to achieve desired results. However, I believe that a bad start does not define a team’s potential.

In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles, the reigning Super Bowl champions, struggled at the beginning of the season. They lost three of their first five games and were in danger of missing the playoffs. But they rallied in the final stretch, winning five of their last six games and making it to the playoffs. This example shows that a slow start is not indicative of a team’s overall abilities.

While the Quakers may not have a Super Bowl MVP to save them, there is still hope for improvement. The men’s soccer team, known for their strong offense, has only scored one goal in their first two games. Field hockey, a team that has shown potential in the past, lost to top-ranked North Carolina and Louisville by a combined score of 6-1. The best is yet to come for these teams.

It is important not to panic or judge the entire season based on a small sample size. These slow starts will be forgotten when the season is over, and only the final results will matter. A rocky beginning can serve as a turning point for teams to evaluate their weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. This is an opportunity for these Penn sports teams to prove their true potential.

In conclusion, the start of the season has not gone as planned for Penn sports teams. However, it is too early to assess their potential. Just like the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018, these teams have the opportunity to turn things around and show their true capabilities. The best is yet to come for the Red and Blue.

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