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Carole Middleton is working diligently to protect Kate Middleton from overwhelming business debt.


Apr 4, 2024

Carole Middleton, the mother of Kate Middleton, is facing financial difficulties with her brand Party Pieces, which is in debt of £2.6 million. Despite the company’s insolvency, Carole is trying to shield her daughter from any worries related to the financial situation. She is focusing on supporting Kate during her recovery and is keeping conversations about the business off limits to avoid causing her daughter additional stress.

Royal expert Afua Hagan mentioned that Carole is doing everything she can to protect Kate from the stress of the business collapse while she undergoes chemotherapy. Although Carole stepped away from managing Party Pieces in 2019, she returned to help run the company during a rescue deal in spring 2023. The Middleton family is facing challenges, but Carole’s priority is Kate’s well-being.

In the midst of these financial struggles, Prince Harry is reportedly doing well in terms of his net worth. Kate Middleton had a significant net worth even before joining the royal family, and it has only increased since then. Similarly, King Charles III has a massive net worth, having inherited substantial wealth from Queen Elizabeth. The financial aspects of the royal family remain a point of interest for many people.

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