Cathy and Tricia’s Unique Bond in Race Across the World

Kathy Rowe and Tricia Sayle are the new best friend couple who have captured the hearts of many through their appearance on BBC 1’s Race Across the World. The two have been best friends since the age of 13, when they met while attending school in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. They first traveled together at that age, covering a distance of 9,942 miles (16,000 km) from west to east Canada in 51 days with a budget of just £2,498.13 and no phones or planes. Their friendship has been described as “great” and “special” as they can be themselves around each other without worrying about being judged.

Tricia, who now lives in Exeter, Devon, has a degenerative disease in her eye that will eventually cause her to lose her sight completely. Despite this, she is determined to live life to the fullest and prove to herself and others that it’s possible to still do all the things she loves. Kathy is incredibly proud of her friend and admires her for her determination and strength. During their appearance on the show, the two didn’t argue despite the grueling challenges and distance from family, friends, and home.

The pair won the series and received £20,000, leading to a surge in their social media following and interview requests. Tricia believes that people are interested in their relationship because they have a strong friendship and aren’t afraid of anything. The two have already started planning their next trip to trek the Great Wall of China together in October. When asked what she would say to anyone considering a big adventure, Kathy encourages them to go for it.

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