CBS Sports Predicts Steelers to Conclude 2023 with 9 Wins and 8 Losses

According to CBS Sports writer Will Brinson, Mike Tomlin’s winning streak with the Pittsburgh Steelers will continue in 2023. While predicting the team’s performance for the next season may seem premature, it is still worth considering what NFL media has to say about the matter. Brinson predicts that the Steelers will finish with a 9-8 record.

Brinson explains his choice by pointing out that the Steelers have been quiet during the offseason, and the team has undergone some changes. As an in-house promotion, Omar Khan’s full year as Steelers GM has revamped a significant portion of the roster. The team’s vision is to have a big, physical team that is up to the task.

Among Khan’s moves were the additions of OG Isaac Semaro, Patrick Peterson, and ILB Cole Holcombe, before Broderick Jones and Joey Porter Jr. led a widely praised draft class. By the time the 2023 Week One roster is decided, as many as 25 new players may be officially on board.

Although the Steelers have improved, their success still depends on Kenny Pickett’s progress and how they perform against their division. Brinson expects at least four wins and two losses against their division, which includes tough competitors like the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, and Cleveland Browns.

Brinson predicts that six teams, including the Bengals, Ravens, Bills, Jaguars, Chiefs, and Jets, will do better than the Steelers’ 9-8 record. Additionally, the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos are expected to finish in a tie for the seventh seed, leaving three teams to battle for the tiebreaker.

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