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CDAO’s Alpha-1 Portfolio Propels Pentagon’s Advancements in AI Technology


Apr 3, 2024

Navy Capt. Xavier Lugo, who leads the Department of Defense Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office’s Task Force Lima, recently discussed the importance of CDAO’s Alpha-1 portfolio in advancing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. According to a report by Federal News Network, Lugo emphasized that Alpha-1 provides a set of enterprise tools and capabilities that serve as the groundwork for such development.

Lugo noted that Alpha-1 is gaining momentum in supporting AI and ML scaffolding, offering features like data labeling as a service, test and evaluation, and federated model catalogs. Data labeling, in particular, was identified as the initial capability provided by Alpha-1 to DOD services and components. Lugo explained that there was a significant need for data labeling across different department offices, which Alpha-1 sought to address.

In the past, program offices had their own data labeling services, but they often came with limitations and restrictions. Lugo highlighted that the data was not always owned or shared effectively within these services. Through Alpha 1’s data labeling offerings, projects like the U.S. Navy’s Project Harbinger, the Coast Guard’s maritime object detection, and the Marine Corps’ Smart Sensor program have been supported and enhanced.

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