Cellato: Japan’s $6,400 Priced Ice Cream, Ranked as the Most Expensive in the World

Japanese ice cream manufacturer Cellato has created the world’s most expensive ice cream, priced at $6,400 per serving according to Guinness World Records. Called “Byakuya”, the dessert is made from luxurious ingredients sourced from Italy and Japan. The dessert is topped with edible gold leaf, two types of cheese, and sake lees, a paste-like material obtained during the sake brewing process.

The project was led by Churyo Yamada, head chef at RiVi, a restaurant in Osaka known for its French-Japanese fusion cuisine. The manufacturer’s mission is to create culinary adventures that fuse European ingredients with traditional Japanese cuisine.

According to Cellato’s website, the dessert is available in Japan and can be shipped directly to consumers. The company takes care to control how it is consumed, with patrons instructed to pour in the right texture of white truffle at the same time as the ice cream softens, then mix with hand-made metal spoons.

At a previous tasting session for its staff, the dessert was described as “rich in taste and texture”. Cerato plans to diversify its expensive product line in the future, including champagne and caviar.

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