Celtics misses their presence at the beginning and end of Game 4, leading to loss against Sixers.

The Boston Celtics have made it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, but they seem to be taking the path of least resistance. Their performance in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers was lackluster, with both teams failing to impress in the final play. The game ended in a 116-115 loss for the Celtics.

Philadelphia’s James Harden scored 42 points, while MVP Joel Embiid was not quite ready to face the Celtics without his team. The series is now tied at 2-2, with Game 5 scheduled for Tuesday at 7:30 PM ET.

Boston’s failure to capture the moment and smash their opponent was evident in their no-shows in Games 1 and 4 of this series, as well as Game 5 in the final round against the Atlanta Hawks. Their lack of urgency is reminiscent of a hungover sloth.

At their best, the Celtics have the most talented rotation of players left in the playoffs and are the most formidable force on both ends of the court. However, their flaws are the most frustrating as they often play themselves. They had a chance to win against the Sixers if not for their poor execution and strategy in the final play.

The Celtics need to bow to Philadelphia first before they can have a chance at an unfinished business and play in a championship. More flirting will result in Harden stealing the Celtics’ lunch.

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