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CEO Jaquine Hawke of Business for Good steps down


Sep 16, 2023

JaQuine Hawk is stepping down as CEO of Business for Good, the nonprofit founded by Ed Mitzen and Lisa Mitzen. However, Hawk will remain involved in the organization’s future as he will continue to serve on the nonprofit’s board even after his official resignation on Sept. 29. Business for Good is dedicated to promoting social justice through community and business development ventures.

Founded in 2021 by the Mitzens, Business for Good acquired the famous Hattie’s restaurant in Saratoga Springs and is currently opening a new location in the former Lombardo’s restaurant in Albanese South End, which is owned by the foundation. All profits from Hattie’s are donated to community groups addressing hunger and food insecurity.

The news of Hawk’s resignation as CEO coincided with him receiving the Beacon of Light award from the Capital Area Community Foundation. In a phone interview, Hawk praised the Mitzens as the most innovative entrepreneurs in the area and expressed gratitude for the knowledge he gained about business and philanthropy while leading the Mitzens’ foundation.

While stepping down as CEO, Hawk will focus on expanding his own efforts, including his real estate portfolio and his nonprofit called 4th Family, which aims to empower young people in underserved communities. Despite this, he expressed his desire to remain involved in Business for Good by remaining on the board. Hawk emphasized, “I still want to be a part of it.”

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