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Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year awarded to Ida Red owner


Sep 14, 2023

The Tulsa Area Chamber of Commerce has announced its annual Small Business Awards, with Tulsa-centric store owners taking the top honors. The Tulsa Small Business Summit and Awards is a significant event for small business owners and their employees. It serves as a platform for local businesses to connect, gain insights for business growth, and celebrate the impact of small businesses on the community. Mayor GT Bynum, speaking at the event, emphasized the importance of small business success in shaping the story of Tulsa.

Angeline Wright, owner of Ida Redd, was named Small Business Person of the Year. She has been an essential part of the company since its establishment and has spearheaded its operations. Ida Redd began as a niche store, selling products related to Cain’s Ballroom, a local historic venue. Under Wright’s leadership, the store expanded its merchandise selection by creating its own products and developing a unique product line. Wright’s vision was to produce Oklahoma-themed items that resonated with the community and reflected local pride.

Littlefield Agency, run by Sam Littlefield, received the Family Business of the Year award. Littlefield emphasized the core value of his team: “Go to the limit, adapt or die.” They strive to push creative boundaries for their clients, demonstrating innovative solutions that set them apart from competitors. Littlefield Agency has thrived for over 40 years by continuously adapting to industry changes and providing exceptional service to their clients.

Extract Companies, led by Matt Gipson, was recognized as the Manufacturer of the Year. Established in 2017, Extract Companies initially focused on artificial lift oilfield services. They expanded their offerings by acquiring HOSS Pump Systems and entering the Perm Basin market. Extract Companies remained competitive by prioritizing responsive service and innovation, providing economic benefits for their customers.

Asemio Money, represented by its Director of Marketing, embodies a human-centered approach in its work. Their mission is to serve nonprofit clients with empathy, respect, and honesty. They cultivate a work environment that values each team member’s input, encourages professional growth, and ensures psychological safety. Asemio Money’s commitment to human-centered practices extends beyond their business philosophy and guides their impact in the nonprofit sector.

Raise the Bar Investments, founded by Ray’Chel Wilson, is dedicated to closing racial and gender wealth disparities by empowering minority-owned, Black-owned, and women-owned small businesses. Wilson’s personal financial achievements, such as paying off student loans through cryptocurrency profits, motivate her to share her knowledge and support underrepresented individuals in achieving financial health.

The annual Small Business Awards highlight the achievements and contributions of small businesses in Tulsa. These businesses demonstrate resilience, innovation, and a commitment to serving their community. Through events like the Small Business Summit, the Tulsa Area Chamber of Commerce fosters connections and provides resources for small business owners to thrive.

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