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Charlie Manuel’s Stroke Discussed by Mainline Health Doctor


Sep 19, 2023

Former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel suffered a stroke in Florida on Saturday and is currently recovering. The Phillies have not provided an update on his condition, but he received prompt treatment, which was crucial in surviving the stroke. Manuel’s condition was improving 12 hours after the stroke, which occurred during an unidentified medical procedure in Florida.

Dr. Tana Theofanis from Main Line Health explained that Manuel was likely treated with a procedure called mechanical thrombectomy. This involves inserting a catheter into a blood vessel inside the body, which then goes into the head and brain to locate and remove the blood clot causing the stroke. While thrombectomy has a good success rate, timing is crucial for its effectiveness.

Fortunately, Manuel was already in the medical field and received timely treatment. The procedure may result in some disability, such as numbness or weakness on one side, but over time, stroke symptoms may subside or completely resolve. Manuel is one of the approximately 800,000 people in the United States who suffer a stroke each year. He has several serious medical problems, including heart disease, which could potentially delay his recovery.

The Phillies have expressed their love and support for the legendary manager, and Manuel’s wife credits the incredible support with helping him in his recovery. Like most stroke survivors, Manuel will likely require extensive rehabilitation. Stephanie Stahl, an Emmy Award-winning health reporter, provides daily updates on Manuel’s condition on CBS3 Eyewitness News and The CW Philly.

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