Chelsea Schools Forge New Alliance for Youth Mental Health and Career Direction

As Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated in May, SRSLY Chelsea is focused on providing training, resources, and events related to mental health. However, their efforts will continue beyond this particular month. The primary objective of SRSLY Chelsea is to support youth mental health proactively, educate people, and advocate for mental health. They also aim to bring communities together to prevent youth substance abuse.

SRSLY Chelsea Director Kate Yoakam reveals that the question, “Which university are you going to,” may seem harmless to some, but it has serious implications for mental health. Students often express their insecurities about this question, and they feel defeated when they don’t have an answer. Graduation season evokes mixed feelings among students. Some people enjoy this period with excitement and anticipation, while others face it with anxiety. However, for a minority, this period is characterized by fear.

Mostly, they will be repeatedly faced with post-graduation plans, especially the question, “Where are you going to college?” Not having a sure answer often leads to feelings of loneliness, shame, and unjustified failure. SRSLY is working with Chelsea High School to address this concern. Information about four-year colleges is readily available, but it’s important to consider students who may not have considered this as their career choice. What options do they have? Will it be possible to find secure jobs that can support them financially as they transition into adulthood? What about professional careers?

To address these questions, the SRSLY team asked students about their main uncertainties when considering a trade. SRSLY wanted to promote innovative approaches that address students’ concerns about their future career paths. They then worked with the CHS office to put together answers to these frequent questions into concrete documents that students can access directly from their websites. This packet contains information about different trade fields, potential salaries, associated schools, tips for applying, and more.

SRSLY Chelsea has made great strides in the community through continuous commitment. Their programs aim to create a supportive environment for adolescents, promote mental health awareness, and take proactive measures against substance abuse. Partnerships with local schools are crucial to Chelsea’s commitment to youth well-being. To further provide the student with information about future options, the CHS Counseling Office arranged for a representative from the Washteneau Community of her college to speak with them about available programs, application procedures, and salary possibilities.

Tim Mann, Chelsea High School Counselor, said: “Vocational schools and apprenticeship programs are great opportunities for students after high school. Many of these programs are in high demand, offer low tuition and put students on a path to independence.”

Chelsea High School senior Nicolette Rivers said, “Developed by students and our counseling team, this new resource is an important way for students to feel safe and informed about making decisions about their future.” An annual Q&A session is accessible to all juniors and seniors who want to explore their options for careers and other career paths.

SRSLY believes that mental health resources are not limited to any particular clinical method. They believe that a sense of purpose and confidence in one’s identity are critical to good mental health outcomes. For more information on mental health and what SRSLY does, visit or find them on Facebook @srslychelsea. To contribute to their cause, visit

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