• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Chief Justice Chandrachud states that judges are not rulers or leaders, but rather service providers


May 15, 2024

Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud has emphasized that courts in India are now being seen as democratic spaces for discourse rather than imposing empires due to the advancement and use of technology. He stated that judges are service providers and must ensure transparency, accessibility, and broad understanding of legal decisions to all individuals, regardless of their legal knowledge or background. This was expressed at the J20 Summit in Brazil, where he spoke about ‘Digital Transformation and the use of technology to enhance judicial efficiency’.

While highlighting the benefits of technology in judicial processes, the CJI also pointed out that technology alone cannot solve all social inequalities. He stressed the importance of sustained engagement and deliberation to tackle issues like AI-profiling, algorithmic bias, and misinformation. Even with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, courts in India have continued to conduct hybrid hearings. However, challenges such as digital divide, representational asymmetry, and low-connectivity locations need to be addressed.

The CJI acknowledged that virtual hearings have democratized access to the Supreme Court, making it easier for people with physical limitations or elderly individuals to participate in court proceedings. Over 750,000 cases have been heard through video conferencing, showcasing the potential of technology to bridge gaps and minimize pre-existing inequalities. He emphasized the need to leverage technology in a way that benefits society and promotes fairness in the justice system.


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