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Chief of Microsoft Bing to Step Down After Mustafa Suleyman’s Appointment


Mar 26, 2024

Mustafa Suleyman recently joined Microsoft, with Leon Neal reporting on the news. Bing chief Mikhail Parakhin has decided to step down from his role, temporarily reporting to Microsoft’s CTO. Parakhin was in charge of the company’s advertising businesses along with its search engine. The reorganization follows Satya Nadella’s appointment of Suleyman to oversee Microsoft’s AI efforts.

Microsoft is currently going through another round of rearrangements within its key teams. Mikhail Parakhin’s departure coincides with Mustafa Suleyman’s arrival as EVP and CEO of Microsoft AI. Parakhin will now report to Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott, while Pavan Davuluri will be heading both the Windows and Surface teams. Rajesh Jha expressed his gratitude for Parakhin’s contributions and leadership in a recent internal memo.

In a separate internal memo, Satya Nadella announced Suleyman’s new role at Microsoft overseeing consumer AI products and research. This includes leading teams working on Copilot, Bing, and Edge. Other members of Suleyman’s former team at Inflection AI, including cofounder KarĂ©n Simonyan, will also be joining Microsoft. Simonyan will serve as chief scientist under Suleyman’s leadership, who in turn reports to Nadella.

Microsoft has been integrating AI into various products, such as Bing and Copilot for Windows and Office over the past year. Reports suggest that Nadella’s decision to bring in Suleyman reflects concerns about the progress of the Windows and Web Experience team. Microsoft did not respond to requests for comment outside of regular working hours.

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