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China Implements Ban on iPhones for Officials and State Employees, Impacts Business and Economy


Sep 11, 2023

China has reportedly prohibited government officials and state-owned enterprise employees from using iPhones, as part of escalating trade and tech tensions between China and the US. The ban, which also covers government-backed agencies and state companies, aims to reduce China’s reliance on foreign technology and promote domestic companies like Huawei. China and the US view each other’s tech companies as potential security risks that could compromise sensitive data and government infrastructure. The ban on iPhones has had a significant impact on Apple’s stock price and has raised concerns for Western companies operating in China. It highlights the growing tension between Beijing’s desire for control and China’s economic future. The souring sentiment threatens to hinder China’s post-pandemic recovery and poses challenges in areas such as deflation, slowing exports, real estate, and high youth unemployment.

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