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China’s economy shows signs of revival with August retail sales, while real estate sector continues to face challenges


Sep 15, 2023

China saw signs of economic recovery in August, with policies aimed at boosting investor confidence leading to increased business activity. National retail sales rose by 4.6% in August, surpassing the annual rate of 2.5%. Industrial production also showed growth, increasing by 3.5% in July, exceeding the 3.5% predicted by Wind. In August, industrial production further increased by 4.5%. These positive indicators have been attributed to the more supportive policy measures implemented since the July Politburo meeting. Chief China economist at Macquarie Capital, Larry Hu, believes that credit, inflation, and earnings cycles are likely to improve in the coming months.

However, the real estate sector continues to struggle. Despite strong performance in manufacturing, investment in real estate declined by 8.8% in the first eight months of the year due to debt stress and weak homebuyer confidence. This has had a negative impact on overall fixed asset investment, which only increased by 3.2% in the January-August period compared to 3.4% last year. In an effort to address these challenges, Chinese authorities have implemented various housing policies, such as lower payment and mortgage rates, as well as lifting purchase restrictions in some cities. The National Bureau of Statistics spokesperson, Fu Linghui, remains optimistic about the overall economic growth, stating that there are more positive factors supporting it.

To stabilize the economy, the People’s Bank of China recently reduced the reserve requirement ratio and the interest rate on reverse repurchase agreements. Additionally, new bank loans have also recovered, reaching 1.36 trillion yuan in August, compared to 345.9 billion yuan in July and 1.25 trillion yuan in the previous year. Deflationary pressures have also eased slightly, with a small increase in the consumer price index and a narrowing decline in the producer price index.

In conclusion, while China’s economy shows signs of recovery in certain sectors, such as retail and industrial production, the real estate sector remains a challenge. Policymakers have taken action to boost investor confidence and stimulate business activity, but further measures may be needed to address the ongoing issues facing real estate developers.

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