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Choosing the Perfect Entrance Door for Your Home: A Reflection of Your Style


Nov 20, 2023

When choosing a front door, there are many factors to consider, such as style, material, and color. Windor, a company that has been developing window profiles and entrance doors since 1992, offers insight into key questions related to choosing a front door. People are primarily interested in aesthetics, price, and recommendations when purchasing doors. Security doors should have a lock that can be keyed in multiple places and a burglary-proof certificate.

Additionally, meeting construction and energy efficiency regulations is important. The construction or renovation of buildings is required to achieve minimal energy needs for heating, ventilation, and cooling during use. Insulating materials, thick walls, and special coatings on window units help achieve this standard.

Windor offers the WIN 82 SK entrance door, which can be customized with elegant details, patterns, lines, and colors for safety, aesthetics, and thermal needs. Combining wood and aluminum in entrance doors highlights the advantages of both materials, but requires careful consideration to avoid deformations from their different properties.

In its standard version, the door has a flat threshold. However, it is possible to make a door with a low threshold without obstacles and with a wooden handle, the ability to open the door with a fingerprint, and a hidden hydraulic door closing mechanism.

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