• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Climate change worsens floods in various countries globally


May 15, 2024

Countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Kenya have been facing devastating floods and heavy rains for days, resulting in hundreds of deaths and displacing hundreds of thousands of people. Environmental experts attribute these disasters to climate change, which is exacerbating the situation worldwide.

In Brazil, the southern region has been hit hard, with nearly 150 fatalities and over two million people left homeless. The flooding in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, has lasted for eleven days, and the return to normalcy is expected to take weeks. Despite efforts to reinforce dams and install water pumps, other Brazilian populations are at risk of experiencing similar disasters.

Climate and energy experts warn that climate change is contributing to the increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events globally. The warming of the equatorial eastern Pacific Ocean, known as El NiƱo, is intensifying the long rainy season in countries like Kenya, where floods have claimed hundreds of lives and displaced thousands.

In Afghanistan, more than 350 people have died due to flooding, with over 8,800 buildings destroyed. The country, already ravaged by decades of armed conflict, is struggling to cope with the aftermath of the natural disaster. Similarly, Indonesia has experienced significant fatalities and displacement due to floods and landslides exacerbated by volcanic activity and heavy rainfall.

In Spain, climate change is leading to rising sea levels, unpredictable floods, and extreme heatwaves. Experts predict that the upcoming summer will be particularly challenging due to the global impact of rising temperatures. As the world grapples with the consequences of climate change, it is crucial for nations to come together to mitigate its effects and protect vulnerable communities from further devastation.


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