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Cloud Native Applications Gain Enhanced Business Risk Observability with Cisco Secure Application in Investor Relations


Sep 12, 2023

Built on Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability Platform, Cisco Secure Application is a solution that provides organizations with intelligent business risk insights. It helps them prioritize issues, respond in real-time to revenue-impacting security risks, and reduce overall organizational risk profiles.

The availability of Cisco Secure Application on the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform allows organizations to secure the development and deployment of cloud-native applications. By bringing application and security teams closer together, it connects business context with security findings. This integration combines application performance data with security intelligence from Cisco’s industry-leading security products.

Cisco Secure Application, uniquely delivered by Cisco, offers business risk observability. It helps IT professionals locate, assess, and prioritize risks and remediate application security issues based on potential business impact.

With the increasing demand for modern, distributed applications, IT teams face challenges in ensuring robust application security. According to a recent Cisco study, many global technologists admit that the rush to rapidly innovate has come at the expense of application security during software development. As a result, organizations are exposed to security vulnerabilities and threats, leading to larger attack surfaces and gaps in application security.

To address these challenges, Cisco Secure Application provides expanded visibility and intelligent business risk insights across cloud environments. It empowers businesses to prioritize and respond in real-time to security risks that can impact revenue and reputation. By integrating with Cisco’s security products, Cisco Secure Application helps customers locate and highlight security issues, prioritize them with a business risk score, and accelerate response time to security incidents with real-time remediation guidance.

Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Full-Stack Observability and AppDynamics, emphasizes the importance of understanding vulnerabilities, risks, and their potential business impact. He states that traditional vulnerability scanning solutions fall short in providing the necessary information, and Cisco’s business risk observability bridges this gap. The availability of Cisco Secure Application on the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform is a significant step in Cisco’s commitment to delivering secure digital experiences.

Mark Leary, Research Director at IDC, recognizes the need for components to work together to deliver the best digital experiences. He asserts that Cisco’s comprehensive full tech stack oversight positions the company well to help customers bring application observability, security intelligence data, and business risk observability together.

The Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform, launched in June 2023, is a vendor-agnostic solution that delivers contextual, correlated, and predictive insights. It allows customers to resolve performance issues quickly, optimize digital experiences, and minimize business risk. By bringing data together from multiple domains, including applications, networking, multi-cloud infrastructure, security, and more, the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform provides customers with a comprehensive observability ecosystem.

Cisco Secure Application is available now, allowing organizations to secure their cloud-native applications effectively. Customers can visit the Cisco Secure Application webpage for more information or schedule a meeting with Cisco.

In conclusion, Cisco Secure Application on the Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform offers intelligent business risk insights to help organizations prioritize and respond to security risks. By bringing application and security teams closer together, it provides expanded visibility and enables real-time response to security incidents. With its integration capabilities and comprehensive observability platform, Cisco is committed to delivering unmatched digital experiences across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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