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Cloudy Monday precedes arrival of intense front: possibility of snow in mountains from tomorrow until Wednesday


Nov 20, 2023

The weather forecast for the upcoming week predicts variations in weather conditions for Croatia. On Monday, there will be strengthening of the south wind, warmer temperatures, new cloud cover, and some rain, particularly in the northern Adriatic and mountain areas. Tuesday will bring rain in most areas, as well as storms, cooler temperatures, and potential snow in mountainous areas. A windy and sometimes rainy Wednesday will be followed by more stable and calmer conditions on Thursday, although there may be morning frosts and fog throughout the country.

In eastern Croatia, Monday will be partly sunny with light winds. Central Croatia will experience local fog in the morning, with temperatures between 0 and 5°C. The day will be partly sunny with increasing cloud cover and possible evening rain. Northern Adriatic and highland areas will see cloudy weather, with moderate south-westerly and southerly winds. Dalmatia will have moderately cloudy weather and strengthening southern winds.

In southern Croatia, cloud cover will gradually increase, with moderate southern winds. Tuesday will bring cloudy and rainy weather to the mainland, with the possibility of snow in higher mountain regions. Wednesday will see sleet and snow in mountainous areas, but the rain will stop in other regions with decreasing cloud cover. Thursday is expected to be sunnier.

The forecast also predicts a strong south wind on Tuesday, which may lead to storms in the northern regions. This will result in a gradual drop in temperatures.

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