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Collaboration between Hitachi Vantara and NVIDIA to drive advancements in Artificial Intelligence


Apr 3, 2024

Hitachi Vantara, a company specializing in data storage, infrastructure, and hybrid cloud management, has announced an innovative partnership with NVIDIA to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. This collaboration will result in a portfolio of solutions called Hitachi iQ, designed to accelerate the process of generating AI-driven results by integrating industry-specific capabilities with existing AI solutions. This will lead to more relevant outcomes for individual businesses.

Emerging data-intensive technologies such as generative AI are driving business transformation but also putting pressure on IT environments. A recent report indicates that only a third of companies believe they can always handle internal demand for AI workloads. The partnership between Hitachi Vantara and NVIDIA aims to address these challenges by introducing hybrid cloud-enabled AI capabilities to speed up the acquisition of business insights.

Sheila Rohra, CEO of Hitachi Vantara, emphasized the significance of the partnership in advancing AI-driven digital transformation. By combining NVIDIA’s AI leadership with Hitachi Vantara’s expertise in hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions, the collaboration will help customers tackle future challenges and establish a solid foundation for data-driven innovation.

Hitachi iQ solutions, based on NVIDIA’s latest AI technologies and Hitachi Vantara’s cutting-edge storage platforms, aim to meet market demands and facilitate digital transformation for enterprises. Customers can choose the most suitable consumption model to ensure optimized performance and a strong return on investment.

The first product in the Hitachi iQ portfolio, powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, is set to launch in the first quarter of Hitachi’s fiscal year beginning in April 2024. This solution, a certified NVIDIA DGX BasePOD, will include NVIDIA DGX H100 systems and NVIDIA software AI Enterprise, providing a new AI-powered architecture for handling complex AI workloads.

Charlie Boyle, vice president of DGX platforms at NVIDIA, highlighted the importance of establishing AI centers for data intelligence across industries. Hitachi Vantara customers will benefit from solutions powered by NVIDIA DGX software and infrastructure to create AI centers of excellence and enhance generative AI strategies.

As part of a broader collaboration with NVIDIA, Hitachi will focus on creating industry-specific generative AI models tailored to Operational Technology (OT). This effort positions Hitachi as a leading developer of these specialized models to help businesses adapt to the demands of data-driven digital transformation. Hitachi iQ, along with Hitachi’s network of partners and subsidiaries, will be central to leveraging the full potential of AI in driving business improvement.

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