Collaboration of Businesses to Assist Overcrowded Animal Shelters

Animal shelters across the country are becoming overcrowded and desperate for help. Fortunately, some local business owners are stepping up to fill the gap. In Orange County, Florida, Melissa Wendal, owner of 4 Paws Resort Orlando, a boarding and daycare facility that can handle up to 25 dogs per day, has taken in animals from overcrowded shelters. Wendal is already responsible for around 50 cats, according to the Orange County Animal Shelter’s website, and her days are full with cleaning, feeding, and playing. However, seven months ago, when Puppy Pleasers Rescue called urgently for her help, Wendal decided to do more. She was told that 75 dogs needed a place to stay after being removed from one property. Wendal adopted three dogs, the most she could take in as a small boarding house at that time, and has since taken in more than ten others.

Wendal is one of many people who have stepped up to help animals in need in her community. In just one month, more than 200 dogs were handed over in Lake County, according to Wendal. Lots of shelters find themselves with no more space to take in animals, leading to euthanasia as the only option. In an effort to avert this tragedy, Wendal encourages animal lovers to consider fostering. It is a relatively simple process, as most shelters provide food and microchips, and will be happy to help anyone interested in taking on the role of a temporary caregiver.

Caring for more than 25 dogs each day is not without its difficulties. However, Wendal makes sure to provide each dog with meticulous attention and top-notch care. She launders almost 30 blankets each day and hopes that others will follow her lead and foster dogs. For those interested, the Orange County Animal Services website provides information on how to adopt or foster a pet.

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