Colorado Springs City Embraces Children’s Sports Bill of Rights

The city of Colorado Springs has taken a step towards ensuring that all children have access to and can participate in sports by adopting the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sport ordinance. This initiative was developed by the Aspen Institute’s Sport & Society program through its Project Play initiative and is being used by more than 130 international organizations, including UNICEF USA, major sports associations, and sports companies.

The Colorado Springs Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services will incorporate the initiative through training sessions with volunteer coaches and staff and in marketing materials. The sports bill of rights includes eight rights for children: the right to play sports, the right to a safe and healthy environment, the right to qualified program leaders, and the right to develop children’s rights to play, to participate in the planning and implementation of activities, equal opportunity for personal growth, to be treated with dignity, and to enjoy.

For more information on the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports, visit Additionally, Colorado Springs offers free sports programs which can be found at

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