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Comparing Pensions in Croatia, Serbia, BiH, and Montenegro: Which Country has the Highest Growth?


Nov 20, 2023

Pensions in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are set to increase from January 2024. There has been a record 8.42 percent increase in pensions in Croatia, bringing the average pension to 449 euros. Excluding pensions paid according to international agreements, the average pension in Croatia rises to 507.63 euros, which is 43 percent of the average Croatian salary. Pensioners in Croatia are expecting a permanent supplement and are expected to see a three to five percent growth in pensions with the January adjustment. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the average pension is 344 euros, and the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Adnan Delić, has announced an increase in pensions at the beginning of next year.

In Serbia, the average pension is currently 341 euros, with an increase of 5.5 percent in October. However, the lowest pensions for this month were 186 euros for pensioners from the employed and self-employed category, and 146 euros from the category of farmers. The maximum amount of pension for October 2023 was 1,712 euros. It has been announced that pension increases of 14.8 percent will follow from January. In Montenegro, the average pension is 464 euros and has increased three times this year. The current minimum pension paid for September is only 300 euros, and the new Montenegrin prime minister has announced that it would increase by 50 percent.

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