• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Concerns over child health risks raised as federal pesticide review in Canada lags behind


May 15, 2024

Canadian officials are currently facing delays in evaluating the health impacts of organophosphate pesticides, which have been linked to severe neurodevelopmental issues in children. Marc Fawcett-Atkinson from the National Observer has reported on this pressing issue.

These pesticides, which are chemically related to nerve gases, are still being used in Canada despite being banned in other countries and historical concerns about their safety. The delayed comprehensive review of these chemicals by Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency has raised doubts about the effectiveness of existing regulations.

Furthermore, there is limited monitoring of pesticides in Canadian water supplies, which adds uncertainty to the real-world impact of these chemicals on public health. Laura Bowman, a lawyer with Ecojustice, emphasizes the dangers of organophosphates and the need for them to be phased out due to their hazardous nature.

The ongoing use and insufficient oversight of organophosphates pose potential severe health risks, especially for children, who may be exposed to these chemicals without even realizing it. This issue underscores the importance of reviewing and regulating pesticides to protect public health and the environment.


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